What is Circumcision?

Circumcision is the surgical removal of the skin part covering the glans part of the penis. It is absolutely done in the Muslim and Jewish community. It is carried out for the purpose of health in Christian and other religious societies. It is the most common type of surgery in the world. Since it is done very often, in fact, this procedure, which should only be done by a specialist and which is actually different from an operation, is done by non-physicians.

Is Circumcision Necessary?

In addition to being performed religiously, circumcision is recommended for a healthy life. Today, 30% circumcision is performed in the USA and Europe for health reasons.

What should be the age of circumcision?

It can be done at any age. Newborn period is the most suitable period for us. We even strongly recommend that the child be discharged circumcised to his home with his mother. It should be done under the age of 2. Although it is not recommended due to psychological effects between the ages of 2-6, there is no harm in doing it with sedation. If a suggestion is brought back after the age of 8, some children may have further strengthened fears and circumcision with anesthesia is recommended in every child with fears and problems.

Should Circumcision Be Performed With Local Anesthesia Or General Anesthesia?

Our recommendation is to circumcise every child under 1 year old with local anesthesia. The decision can be made by talking to the family between the ages of 2-7. It is useful to do with sedation. In older children, the decision is made by talking to the child. Some children give a very comfortable impression and can be done locally. Fear of some children has a ceiling, and sedation and anesthesia and circumcision are recommended.

In Which Environment Should Circumcision Be Performed?

Circumcision is the most common type of surgery in the world. Ideally, it is circumcision in operating room conditions. However, this is not always possible in Muslim countries where circumcision is intense like us. We determine the type of anesthesia and circumcision environment according to the age of the child. We decide together with the family. We recommend circumcision in office (practice) conditions for children under 2 years old. This has the following advantages; For a short-term surgical procedure, long-term hospitalization and discharge are not performed. The family of the child can be accompanied in the circumcision if they wish. There is no trauma that the child is disconnected from the family and taken to a cold environment like an operating room.

By which method should circumcision be performed?

Most families also ask circumcision questions that they do not ask in larger surgeries. This is perhaps because the organ is precious. As physicians, we are bombarded both before and after circumcision. We rarely search for a patient from the relatives of a patient who has taken the kidney while at home, we are sought by the parents of children with circumcision, 80% from home. As a method, the most common method is to cut the foreskin, which we call classical surgical circumcision, with a scalpel, to check for bleeding and to sew the skin with 4-10 stitches. Cutting the skin can be all around with scissors. It can be removed in the form of a ring, marked with a scalpel. The guillotine method can be cut while preserving the glans. Electrocautery, called laser, can be cut with electrical energy. Specially developed Gomco or plastic compressors can be used. I prefer the guillotine method because I find it quick and cosmetic.

What Do You Think About Collected Circumcisions?

Today, it is a method only made in African countries. Abundance started to decrease in our country. The municipalities also support it as a show and it turns this into a fairground, and the health personnel are the tools of this. If the municipalities will support, go to the center and say that your sponsor should make an appointment with us. Otherwise, the rules of sterility are perforated in collective circumcisions, and infectious diseases, hepatitis B are carried from person to person.

Guillotine-style circumcision. It is fast, effective. It should not be made by inexperienced people and should not be made by inexperienced people.

Circumcised with heat-cut cutter at the tip. It works in fast and mass circumcisions. But it can cause swelling and burns in the glans.

A method called smart clamp is used but it is abandoned because it has serious complications.

Circumcision with Gomco clamp. It takes a little more time.

The foreskin is made by retracting and removing the ring.

What are the Risk Factors During Circumcision?

Every surgical procedure has a risk. Bleeding, swelling, infection, ecchymose, gangrene, fistula, loss of glans may be rare.

What should be done before the doctor’s appointment?

It is an appropriate move for children over 5 years old to meet the doctor beforehand. It is important that the child is relaxed by the family, brief information about the procedure, never lying. Children who grow up with urban legends in the neighborhood may have more fears. It should be explained once that the child will not feel pain, the procedure will not be more than a simple vaccine. Even in circumcision with local anesthesia, we use creams so that they do not hear the needle. The child should know this and be relieved.

What are Circumcision Examination Methods?

If it is to be performed under local anesthesia and there is no bleeding disorder, an analysis is not required. However, it should be known that there may be a bleeding disorder in 10 thousand.

Post-Circumcision Life Style Recommendations

Do not worry about bleeding that only slightly soaks the gauze after circumcision. Check the top of the penis. It should be pink or slightly red. If it is purple or black, it is either bandaging or due to the medication. Inform the doctor immediately. Call the doctor for bleeding that is going around. In some fat children, the penis is buried and families are in a hurry because there are no penis. This is normal.

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