Epididyma Cyst (Spermatocele)

Epididyma Cyst (Spermatocele)

What is Epididyma Cyst?

Epididyma Cyst is a fluid-filled formation originating from the semen canal just above the testicle.


What are the symptoms of epididymal cyst?

It usually happens in the form of the mass that is handled. It can be large or small. It can be between 1-15 CM. It is painless and has a smooth surface. When the light is hit, it transmits the light.

How is Epididyma Cyst Diagnosed?

It is usually diagnosed with physical examination. With additional ultrasonography, the diagnosis is confirmed.

In the first photo, the appearance of the cyst, which grew in the bag, is shown by black arrows. In the second photo, the cyst revealed during the surgery is shown.

What are the Epididyma Cyst Risk Factors?

There is no significant risk factor. Infection may develop. It can be torn by itself. There is no possibility to turn into cancer.

How is Epididyma Cyst Treatment?

Treatment is not required for small cysts. Cysts that hurt, impede sitting, and cosmetically disturb the patient are treated surgically. The surgery is a short 1 hour surgery and the patient can be discharged on the same day. There is no trace and does not repeat.

What Happens If Epididyma Cyst Is Not Treated?

If the epididymis cyst is left untreated, it may grow more, inflammation may develop, causing pain, tenderness and high fever.

What should be done before the epididymis cyst doctor appointment?

If available, the examination and radiological imaging methods should be accompanied.

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