What is Epispadias?

Epispadias is an extremely rare congenital abnormality. It is the opening of the urinary canal anywhere on the penis, rather than at the top.

What are the Types of Epispadias?

It is divided into 3 types. It is about to be light, medium and heavy. The mild type urinary tract is close to the top on the penis. The middle type of urinary canal is in the middle of the penis. In the heavy type, it is located near the root of the penis. Urinary incontinence may occur. There is no urinary incontinence in other types. This disease can sometimes be accompanied by the fact that the bladder called extrophy vesica is open on the anterior abdominal wall.

How is Epispadias Diagnosed?

Diagnosis is made only by observation and examination. In these children, the penis is thicker and shorter, the foreskin is not where it should be, but on the underside of the penis. In addition to heavy types of examination, kidneys and bladder should also be investigated with ultrasound and other imaging methods.

How is Epispadias Treatment?

The treatment is surgery. The age of surgery is carried out from 6 months. In cases with exstrofia vesicalis, surgery is performed as soon as the child is born. The reason for this is to let the pelvic bones get closer to the midline while they are cartilage. It should be operated at the earliest possible age.

What is the Purpose in Epispadias Surgery?

Epispadias surgery has 4 purposes. Extension of the urinary canal and urinary hole to the end of the pipine in boys. In girls, the urinary hole is moved behind the clitoris and between the vagina inner lips (labia minor). Correction of the size and structure of the Penis to be considered cosmetic. Clit the clitoris in girls and correct the lips so as not to force sexual intercourse. Urinary retention mechanism, kidney protection.

Is Epispadias Surgery Important?

Yes, it is important. Just like hypospadias, this surgery should be performed in experienced hands. If it is not done well, many operations wait for the patient. Surgeries. usually it is finished in 1-2 hours. The catheter is stays in the patient for 7-10 days. It is usually enough to stay in the hospital for 1 day.

What to Expect Children with Epispadias in Their Advanced Age?

The penis of these children is slightly shorter than normal at adult age. But it is thicker. Sexual functions are not a problem either. Their erections are complete. If a good surgery is performed, there will be no disfigurement of the penis. However, if the surgery is not done well then some Cosmetic problems may be noticeable at first glance.

What kind of complications can occur due to epispadias surgery?

The surgery may fail completely. Fistula may develop, stenosis may develop. It is important for the physician dealing with epispadias surgery to deal with all these complications.

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