ESWT (Extracorporeal shock wave treatment)

What is ESWT?

It is a treatment performed by directing shock pressure waves created outside the body to the targeted area of the body through an applicator cap.

For Which Diseases Is ESWT Treatment Used?


Chronic Prostatitis

Erectile Dysfunction (Hardening Problem)


Peyronie’s disease is the condition that there is not enough blood in the calcified hard tissue. It also plays an important role in this important disease, which turns into a shortening and curving of the penis and erection problem due to nerve damage in time.
The aim is to reduce the peyronie plate, to reduce the curvature-related tension and eliminate the existing pain.
Anti-inflammatory medication can be given throughout the treatment range. Advanced cases should be treated surgically.
The application is 4 weeks of treatment in the form of 4 sessions.


Chronic Prostatitis and ESWT

Treatment of chronic prostatitis, in which the complaints change according to the patients whose cause is not clear, is a very troublesome discomfort.
Impact Mechanism: Providing new vessel formation, increasing blood supply By reducing inflammation
By reducing muscle contractions
Affecting nerve impulses
It has been shown by scientific studies that it improves pain, urinary complaints, tissue damage impaired by prostattitis, sexual functions by 80%.

Hardening Problem and ESWT

It is a condition where insufficient erection is not achieved or maintained for satisfactory sexual performance. It is more common in men over the age of 40.

What are the causes of erection problem?

Vascular disorders
Smoking alcohol use
Neurological and nervous problems Some medicines
Hormonal disorders
Previous surgeries can cause erection problems.

ESWT Impact Mechanism

It increases blood supply in the region where it is applied and enables the body’s own healing mechanisms to be activated. It is quite effective in erectile problems that occur due to a vascular cause. To predict which patient may be beneficial is proportional to the knowledge and experience of the specialist.
According to the needs of the patient, 6 or 12 sessions are applied.

What are the Advantages of ESWT Treatment?

It does not require hospitalization, it is a drug-free, painless, side-effect treatment method.

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