Impotence in Men (Hardening Problem)

What is impotence?

It is a condition where insufficient erection cannot be achieved or maintained for satisfactory sexual performance.

How is impotence in men?

Inside the penis, there are tube structures that we call 2 cavernosal bodies. As in the figure, when the tube-like structure is filled with blood, it becomes stiff.

There are two cylinders in the penis that are responsible for hardening, and inside these cylinders consist of special cavities that absorb and store blood like a sponge.

Is it very common?

Yes, it occurs in a certain proportion in 52% of men over the age of 40.

What are the causes of impotence in men?




Hormonal diseases,


Previous surgeries operations,
can cause erection problem. In addition, even a urinary tract infection that can be treated very easily can cause erection problems.

Could the erection problem be an indication that other important diseases have started?

Yeah. Impotence due to vascular causes may be a sign of an important heart disease. If we open this a little bit, if there is a problem in the blood of the penis, the same blood problem can also be in the heart. But since the findings can start in the penis first, this could be a ten-messenger of a heart attack. So you should contact your doctor without wasting much time. In addition, erectile dysfunction may also occur in kidney, liver and thyroid disorders.

Can prostate surgery cause erection problem?

It is seen in different rates depending on the age of the patient, the state of sexual functions, the surgical technique used and the surgeon’s experience. There are also a number of treatments that we apply after surgery to reduce this rate.

What tests are done for the diagnosis?

First, blood pressure should be checked. In addition to the tests (sugar level, blood fats, thyroid tests, kidney tests) we routinely look at in the blood, hormone levels such as testosterone and prolactin are measured in the blood taken in the morning, if necessary. Apart from these, some interventional tests such as penile doppler ultrasonography can be performed to investigate more specific causes.

What are the general recommended topics for treatment?

Quitting smoking, maintaining the ideal weight, exercising regularly, not consuming excessive alcohol. Also, if you have medications, consult your doctor.

Can I use the medicines which is sold on the market easily?

There are various medicines used in the erection problem. Do not use these drugs without consulting your doctor. For example, when used with some heart medications, there can be fatal consequences. Again, not all medicines are used with some prostate medications.

General treatment approaches in hardening problem

There are many precautions that can be taken before in drug treatment. These are planned by talking to the patient in detail. Medicines are the first-line treatment approach. The second-line treatments are needle injection, vacuum application and shock wave application to the penis. The third step is to wear a prosthesis (happiness stick).

These tools are placed inside the penis. Negative pressure is created by the patient using the pump. When the penile is fully elongated, the vacuum device is removed and the rubber root is placed on the root of the penis to prevent it from coming down. After intercourse, the tape is removed and the penis is lowered.

Specially prepared medicine is made for testing purposes under the control of a doctor. The dose appropriate for that patient is adjusted and the patient is taught to make it before intercourse.

Can I recover from my discomfort with only 15 minutes of treatment without feeling any pain from where I lie?
Yes, shock wave therapy to the penis with an external probe, which is a new form of treatment, can solve your discomfort. The application is done using a probe such as an ultrasound probe and by geling the penis. The patient does not feel any pain.

Purpose in the treatment of ESWT (Extracorporal Shock Wave Treatment); It is to increase blood flow and develop new vessels in units that provide erection in the penis with 6-12 times 15-minute sessions. According to the reason, 60-80% response can be obtained. This answer can be permanent.

Is this clear from the outside when the stick of happiness is attached?
Apart from the non-inflated prostheses, that is always hard, there are prostheses that you can inflate and lower whenever you want. The 3-piece ones are the most comfortable and incomprehensible when viewed from the outside.

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