In-Penile Injections (Intracavernosal Injections)


It is the treatment option in which the drug is injected in order to open the veins into the spongy tissue in the penis in the treatment of erection problem.
There are different combinations in the form of single drug, double drug or triple drug application. These drugs act by relaxing the penis tissue and widening the vessels. Thus, the amount of blood coming to the erection rings increases and erection occurs.
Insulin needle is suitable for injection. Patients should be trained on how to make the injection.

How Does INTRACAVERNOSAL Injection Apply to the Patient?

You are trained in the practice on how to inject yourself. During training, the appropriate dose is determined. In some cases, your partner may also need training. The injection site is important. If the dose is applied in the appropriate place, it will take place within 10-15 minutes.

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What are the advantages of drug application to penis?

• If the stiffness does not occur with oral medications, full stiffness can be achieved with needle treatment.
• Even if the patient has premature ejaculation problem, depending on the dose, full stiffness is provided as well as the ejaculation time is extended.
• It is the most commonly used treatment method after oral medications in the world.

What is the side effect of drug application to the penis?

• The most serious side effect is priapism. Hardening is longer than 4 hours and painful. If this is not prevented, there is a possibility of permanent damage to the penile tissue.
• Its mild side effect is bruising at the injection site.
Rarely, there may be pain in the penis during hardening. It ends with the end of hardening.
• The drug should be used only on doctor’s advice. Each treatment is personal.
• When the Needle Treatment is not sufficient, the treatment to be applied is the Penis Replacement treatment.

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