Infertility In Men

What Is Infertility In Men?

Infertility is mentioned if a couple does not have unprotected relationship children for a year. Lack of children is caused by 50% of male factors.

Who Should Go to the First Examination in Couples Without Children?

You should definitely go to a male urologist first because the examination of the man is easy and it is possible to go to the result by performing only a sperm test. However, examination and analysis of the woman will require more detailed and perhaps painful methods.

What is done in male examination in couples without children?

It is spoken primarily. Whether habits of smoking, alcohol use, or sexual problems are vaginusmus, the number of association operations are questioned. Then testicular examination, penis examination, general examination is performed. With 3 days of sexual abstinence, a sperm test is performed and the result is reached. If necessary, a color ultrasound examination of the hormone assays bags is performed.

What are the Diseases Caused by Infertility in Men?


Endocrine diseases (clinifelter syndrome)

Radiotherapy Chemotherapy Applications


Testicular trauma and inflammation




Idiopatic Infertility

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