Inguinal Hernia in Children

What Is Inguinal Hernia, Cord Cyst And Hydrocele In Children?

Although it is more common in the neonatal period, those who are in the first year are usually congenital. They sometimes interfere with each other on examination. Although the treatments are similar, in cases with hernia, treatment is more hasty.

Hydrocele in the right bag. Fluid accumulates around the testicle. When the light is struck, it is seen that the light strikes and reflects.

Spermatic cord cyst (Cord cyst) It is in the form of a bag filled with liquid.

What are the Symptoms of Inguinal Hernia in Children?

It is manifested by swelling on the relevant side. Hydrocele has a transparent appearance in the bag that shows that there is liquid in it. In the cord cyst, swelling is in the groin. The bag has a testicle and is normal. This situation is confused with inguinal hernia. The knowledge of the mother is important in the groin hernia. The mother may state that the swelling has disappeared from time to time.

What are the Causes of Inguinal Hernia in Children?

Premature birth, low weight birth, familial factors may be responsible.

What are the Risk Factors of Inguinal Hernia in Children?

Preterm birth, low weight birth, genetic predisposition in the family.

What are the complications of inguinal hernia in children?

If left untreated, there is no major problem in hydrocele and cord cyst. In the groin hernia, if the part of the intestine that forms the swelling and enters the groin does not get stuck, there is no problem, but it may cause pain and uneasiness in the child. If there is a bowel trapped in the canal, it may cause constipation, gas and inability to defecation. This is a condition that requires urgent surgery.

What Should Be Done Before The Doctor’s Appointment In Inguinal Hernia In Children?

If there is any ultrasonography and other examinations should be made. If the child is unable to remove vomiting, gas and poo, hurry should be taken.

Should Inguinal Hernia and Cord Cyst be Treated in Children?

In both diseases, we may encounter swelling in the groin and bag in children. Diagnosis is made by examination and ultrasound. In both cases, its treatment is surgery. Inguinal hernia should be rushed for surgery. There is no urgency in the cord cyst. It can be operated later or in a short time.

Is my sons’ sexual organ development normal?

Testicles in a newborn baby; it should be of normal size and consistency in the bag. Penile size is relatively large in newborn children. The urine hole should be at the full end of the penis. As the age gets older, the testicles and the penis begin to grow. Hair growth develops after 10 years of age. With puberty, genital development is relatively complete. If the families think that these developments are disrupted, they should consult a doctor. The most important thing to say here is that penis size may differ in children. Especially in overweight children, there may be a buried penis. Families are informed about this issue and relaxed, hormone analysis and hormone support are performed when necessary.

What are the methods of examination of inguinal hernia in children?

Only examination is sufficient. In some cases, ultrasound or MR may be required for differential diagnosis. It can also be treated according to the age of the child. If the child is over 1 year old, only the examination is sufficient, since the treatment of all three diseases is surgery. Even if the differential diagnosis has not been made, the surgery is performed by entering the groin, and definitive diagnosis is made during the operation and the necessary treatment is performed.

What are the Treatment Methods of Inguinal Hernia in Children?

The accumulation of water in a bag called hydrocele is common in newborns, especially low birth weight and preterm children. This situation may disappear with the growth of the child. Therefore, these children can be expected up to 1 year old. If the swelling is extremely large, it can be operated after 3 months. The cord cyst can be operated after 3 months. In the groin hernia, if the general condition of the child is good from the moment it is seen, surgery is planned in a short time.

Hydrocele repair surgery.

Who Is Not Treated?

In the newborn period, the child is expected to gain weight. Hurry is not treated in hydrocele. There is no urgency in the cord cyst. In the groin hernia, surgery is planned earlier.

Life Style Advice

A similar situation may be encountered in these children over time in the opposite testicle. The family must be awake in this respect.

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