Penile Curvatures and Peyronie’s Disease

 Penile Curvatures and Peyronie’s Disease

What is Penile Curvature?

It is an abnormal bending of the penis to one side due to congenital or subsequent diseases.

What are the Symptoms?

The normal anatomical structure of the penis is slightly up-angled and straight. These patients often have curvature upward, sometimes to the right or left, and sometimes downward. The degree of curvature can be from 10 degrees to 150 degrees.

What Causes Penile Curvature?

The most common causes ; It may have been from birth. The prophet called hypospadias can be circumcised, or there may be only leaning without hypospadias. It may be after falling, bump or sexual intercourse . Patients with this condition have a swollen painful and purple after trauma. Hypospadias with Peyronie’s disease.

penis eğriliği düzelir mi

Using patch to correct penis. This patient used the skin.

What are the Risk Factors of Penile Curvature?

Sexual fantasies, bunk living can cause penile fractures. At night, penile fractures are seen after falling from the bed with erect penis. Peyronie’s disease is common after age 40. There is no specific reason.

What happens if there is no surgery in penile curvature? Inability to enter the relationship and related infertility,Impotence painful erection, Together with psychological problems, it can lead to family problems up to separations.

What Should Be Done Before Doctor’s Appointment In Penile Curvature?

If there is a photo of the penis from several directions (in erection), a doctor should be consulted.

What are the methods of examination of penile curvature?

Diagnosis and treatment are planned with direct opinion. In some cases, ultrasound and MR can be done.

What are the Treatment Methods in Penile Curvature?

The purpose of treatment is to correct the penis without shortening it too much. If only correction stitches are used, the surgery takes 1 hour. He is discharged on the same day. He can go to work a day later. If the curvature is serious and a patch is used (Oral mucosa, vein, skin), the operation takes 2 hours. He is hospitalized for 1 day. Current activities are started after 2-4 days.

Life Style Advice For Penile Curvature

We see that patients sometimes have slight curvatures (less than 15 degrees). These patients may not need treatment. If there is a psychological obsession and the psychologist believes that the treatment will be useful, surgery is performed. In other patients, surgery is recommended. We decide the most appropriate treatment together by talking with the patient. The patient’s expectations and the outcomes of the operation are evaluated.

What is Your Suggestion for People with Peyronie’s Disease?

The disease has a certain starting and continuing process. We do not recommend surgery as the disease process continues in the first year. During this period, we support it with drug treatments. If one year has passed, the calcareous tissue, which we call plaque, has become more pronounced and hardened, if there is a skew and a problem in intercourse, surgery is planned.

Do I Have Problems Related to the Surgery? Will my penis get shorter?

You will not experience any major problems related to the operation performed by an experienced urologist. Some patients may feel cold at the head of the penis. If the penis is corrected by just making restraints, 1 cm shortening may occur in the penis. If the diseased part is cut and a tissue is brought together, the surgery will be extended by 1-2 cm. The second operation is a more technical operation.

penis eğriliği nasıl olur

40 ° penile curvature before surgery

peniz düzleştirme ameliyatı

 Corrected penis after surgery

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