Penile Prosthesis

Penile Prosthesis (Pleasure Stick) What is a Penile Prosthesis?

These are the materials that provide a close to nature hard penis made of silicone placed in the penis in patients who cannot provide normal erections and other treatment methods fail.

Two-piece inflatable prosthesis. It is easy to wear. Patient satisfaction and hardening quality may not be as good as those with 3 parts.

These prostheses are in one piece. It is pliable. It is easy to install and cheaper. It is more suitable for elderly patients who cannot use their hands well.

Three-piece penis prosthesis. It consists of cylinder pump and reservoir. It can be made with a single incision that is not seen. Patient and partner satisfaction is good. It is more expensive.

How many types of penis prostheses are there?

There are three types of penis prosthesis. It is completely made of silicon containing materials. There are one-piece bendable, two-piece and three-piece inflatable types.

How many types of penis prosthesis are on the market?

Currently, we use market in Turkey there are two different companies prosthesis. These are internationally accepted companies. it is safe, antibiotic-coated, infection rate less than 3 percent.

Three Piece Inflatable Penis Prostheses

These prostheses are prostheses very close to nature. Patient and Partner satisfaction is high. Patients erect their penis whenever they want. There are no parts that appear from the outside. It is a little more expensive.

Tek Parçalı Bükülebilir Penis Protezleri

Bu protezler penisin içine yerleştirilir. Dışarıdan herhangi bir şey gözükmez. Penis karına doğru yatırılarak saklanabilir. Bu protezler hem ucuzdur, hem kolay takılır. Özellikle yaşlı ve ellerini tam olarak kullanamayan hastalar için uygundur.

Who Cannot Wear Penis Prosthesis?

People who do not have an erection problem, are mentally unstable, do not have regular partners, people do not wear a penis prosthesis.

Who Should The Penis Prosthesis Be Worn?

Any age group patient who is not able to cure normally, has not benefited from drug treatments and is willing to wear a penis prosthesis is a candidate for this surgery.

Which type of prosthesis is suitable for me?

If you are young or feel young, if you want to be close to nature, if you want to get hardened and descend at other times, the inflatable prosthesis is definitely for you. If you want to be more economical, I already have this lifetime here, my penis is ready for intercourse, my hands are shaking if you cannot use the inflatable pump. Still, you need to make a decision together with your spouse and doctor.

Can I give up after prosthetic surgery?

Prostheses are placed inside the penis. It is not visible from outside. Do not think of a prosthesis if you are satisfied with other treatment methods. If you are not and can never provide an erection, or if you and your partner are unhappy with inadequate erections, consider a prosthesis. If you say I gave up and didn’t like it, there is no other treatment method. Removal is simple.

What are the Risk Factors in Penis Prosthesis?

Penis prostheses have 3-5% risk of infection. Most prostheses are now covered with antibiotics. The developing infection can be treated but rarely the prosthesis needs to be removed.

What are the complications of penile prosthesis?

The possibility of infection, prosthesis coming out or into the urinary tract, can be counted.

What should be done before the doctor’s appointment?

If the patient has this treatment, his wife must decide together. It should be known that the treatment is very effective, patient and spouse satisfaction rate is 90%, and if any, diseases such as diabetes and bleeding disorders should be treated in advance.

What are the methods of examination in penis prosthesis?

Before deciding on the penile prosthesis, it should be known that the disease is permanent by performing penile doppler ultrasonography, general blood biochemistry of papaverine test. Psychiatric examination should be done in necessary cases.

How is surgery difficult in penis prosthesis?

In my opinion, the biggest problem is the patient’s decision making process. Many patients think, but fewer come to the doctor for treatment. The reasons for this are old age, there are grandchildren at home, such as what the hand says, or if it is known that I have an operation, are worried. Some of my patients do this gently and easily, saying that I’m going to have a hernia surgery. The operations take 1-2 hours and the patients are discharged the next day. There is no externally visible part in all surgeries. The surgical wound is hidden and not easily noticed. In one-piece, the operation ends in 45 minutes. The patient can bend his penis and hide it under the pants. We also use a single incision in other types of inflatable penis prostheses. In these types of prostheses, patients can inflate the pump hidden 8-10 times just before the intercourse, hardening the penis and making it ready for intercourse. We often see that these patients and their partners are satisfied with the result. We even have patients who have a secret surgery from their partner who are hiding this situation. This is proof that the method is close to nature.

Life Style Advice

Patients can start their normal sexual activities for 4-6 weeks after surgery. Dressing may be required 1-3 times after surgery.

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