PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

PRP (platelet rich plasma)
What is PRP?

In the PRP process, a small amount of blood collected from the person is collected through a special centrifuge process, and the platelet-rich part is collected and returned to the same person for treatment.

In which diseases is PRP used in urological diseases?

• Erection Problem
• Penis Enlargement
• Peyronie
• Premature Ejaculation
• Persistent Chronic Prostatitis

How is PRP done?

The procedure is performed completely without surgery and without the risk of anesthesia. A small amount of blood, taken from the patient, is placed in the centrifuge device in the tube. The centrifuge device allows us to separate platelets in the blood taken. The separated plasma is taken into a special tube and then it is drawn into the injectors to be given to the penis. It is injected into the spongy vascular structure that provides the erection inside the penis. The procedure takes about 45 minutes after blood collection.
After the procedure, there is usually no pain and the patient can return to his / her work life immediately. It can continue sexual activity on the same day. According to the condition of the PRP, 3-4 sessions are applied approximately once every 2 weeks.

When does the effect of PRP treatment on the penis begin?

The effects begin to appear between 1 week and 3 months. Additionally, penis shock therapy (ESWT), which can be given, can make treatment faster with pills or vacuum applications.

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Who Cannot Treat PRP?

• Blood disease known ones
• Blood clotting disorder known ones
• Serious blood thinners or thickeners treatment areas

• Active cancer therapy and those patients

What are the side effects of PRP?

Since the person’s own blood is used, there are no known side effects. • It is painless.

• It is not a surgical procedure. You can return to work on the same day.

Conclusion: Since PRP is prepared from the person’s own blood, it is an FDA approved effective and permanent treatment method without side effects.

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