Undescended Testicle in Adults

Undescended Testicle in Adults

What the testicle should have is that the bags stay higher instead of inside. It occurs in 3 out of every 100 boys born. 80% of them are in the groin. Others may or may not have developed in the abdomen.

The most common area of undescended testicles is the upper scrotal region. Inspection is sufficient for diagnosis.

What are the Symptoms of Undescended Testicular Disease?

It can be unilateral or bilateral. The corresponding testicle is not in the bag. The bag is empty and underdeveloped. There may be other abnormalities together.

What are the Causes of Undescended Testicular Disease?

Premature birth, low weight birth, familial factors may be responsible.

What are the Risk Factors of Undescended Testicular Disease?

Preterm birth, low weight birth, genetic predisposition in the family.

What are the Complications of Undescended Testicular Disease?

If left untreated, there is a risk of infertility and cancer development.

What Should Be Done Before Doctor’s Appointment in Undescended Testicular Disease?

If available, it should be accomplished with ultrasonography and other examinations. Surgery may be required from 6 months. Some older physicians may still say 2 years old. Surgery must not be exceeded for 1 year.

What are the Testing Methods for Undescended Testicular Disease?

Only examination is sufficient. Most testicles are handled. Ultrasound or MR can be taken to determine the type of operation to be performed in those who are not handled. Since laparoscopy will be performed in these cases, no imaging method is actually required.

What are the Treatment Methods of Undescended Testicular Disease?

Treatment of undescended testicle is surgery. Inguinal hernia is present in most children. The surgery takes half an hour. He is discharged on the same day. In the testicle abdomen, one or twosession methods are applied. Downloading these testicles requires experience. We prefer singlesession laparoscopic support in some cases and two-session methods in some cases.

In laparoscopy, we usually see testicles inside the abdomen just in front of the inner ring. In some cases, we have even seen at the lower pole of the kidney. In this case, there is no solution other than taking the testicle.

Who Is Not Treated In Undescended Testicular Disease?

If the testicle is a sliding type, if it comes to the bottom of the bag easily on examination, these children do not need surgery. Close control may still be required. If the family testifies that the testicle is in the groin even during sleep, it is useful to do surgery on them.

Life Style Recommendations for Undescended Testicular Disease

Even if the testicle is lowered into the bag in these children, they should be followed up for the risk of developing testicular cancer. It should be checked within one year to see if there is a shrinkage in the lowered testicle.


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