What is Urination Test ( Uroflowmetry) ?

Uroflowmetry is a diagnostic method that is applied to patients with urinary flow rate and duration, and who usually have difficulty urinating. Today, it is the most reliable and simplest test to help diagnose. After the diagnosis is made, the patient’s response to surgical or medical treatment can be followed with uroflowmetry test.

How Is Uroflowmetry Tested?

Uroflowmetry is a voiding cup attached to the computer system. In this, the patient pretends to urinate normally to the toilet. It is an easy painless diagnostic method. It is enough for the patient to be stuck in urine before performing the test.


What are the Information Obtained with the Uroflowmetry Test?

Maximum voiding speed
Average voiding speed
Urination time
Time to reach maximum voiding speed Urinated urine volume

In Which Conditions Is Uroflowmetry Test Used?

Often there are cases when there is a problem with the urinary tract.

• Slow urination, which may be a symptom of partial bladder obstruction
• Lower urinary system obstructions: benign prostate enlargement, Urethral stenosis, Bladder neck stenosis, Prostate cancer,
• Increased urinary frequency or need for urination suddenly and unexplained
• Recurrent urinary tract infections
• Such as urinary incontinence In cases where uroflowmetry test is needed.

What are the Normal Values of the Uroflowmetry Test?

Uroflowmetry values vary by age and gender. While urine flow decreases with age in men, this situation generally does not affect urine flow in women.

• Between 4 and 7 years old (average flow rate 10 mL / s)
• Between 8 and 13 years old (Average flow rate for men 12 mL / s, average flow rate for women 15 mL / s)
• 14 to 45 years (Men Average flow rate for women is 21 mL / sec, average flow rate for women is 18 mL / sec.
• 46 to 65 years old (Average flow rate for men is 12 mL / sec, average flow rate for women is 18 mL / sec).
• 66 to 80 age (Average flow rate for men 9 mL / s, average flow rate for women 18 mL / s)

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